[sldev] [META][AWG]log chat of AWG meeting Friday, Oct 5, 2007

dirk husemann hud at zurich.ibm.com
Mon Oct 8 23:58:40 PDT 2007

Argent Stonecutter wrote:
> On 08-Oct-2007, at 22:30, Callum Lerwick wrote:
>> No. Look at files on your disk. Metadata such as filename, its
>> permissions, creation dates etc, are not part of the file itself.
> Metadata, properties, whatever you call them. I think we're on the
> same page.
> The metadata on the asset in the original domain is managed using that
> domain's tools, but when it's copied the metadata on the copy is
> copied and maintained separately whether the reference to the original
> asset is cached or not.
> That way you can have a copy of a texture in your inventory and change
> the description on your copy without having to create a new asset and
> independently of whether you've got a cached copy of the asset data.
> So we have the following states:
> Master - This is what's referred to by the URL, and it's managed by
> the domain the asset server at that URL is in.
> Reference - This is what's maintained in the local domain. It has a
> copy of the metadata as it was when the reference was made. It may be
> updated if the local metadata isn't changed, but it doesn't have to be.
> Cache - This is a reference plus a locally cached copy of the metadata.
> Copy - a cache or a reference with the metadata modifiable and
> independent of the original. Equivalent to a copy in your inventory.
> Master Copy - a copy exported by an agent who has the rights to modify
> the original. Changes to the metadata on this copy may be reflected on
> the original when it's re-imported to the original domain, if that
> domain allows it.
just trying to rephrase in terms of data + meta data:

master: original data + original meta data on original asset server
reference: reference to data + copy of original meta data, meta data can
be freshed (on local domain)
cache: copy of data + copy of original meta data (in client?)
copy: copy or reference to data + modifiable metadata
master copy: exported modified copy of data + exported modified meta
data (assuming agent may modify), may update master.

i'm a bit unclear on copy and master copy:
- copy: currently when i have a no-modify object i cannot rename for
example, are you proposing to allow an agent to rename? how about

- master copy: if it's a copy that's been modified, then that should
really be a new asset.

how about we just follow what john's been suggesting: asset = data +
meta data. whoever needs to cache, copies data + meta data.
whoever wants to modify the meta data does so IFF the permissions allow
for that. meta data always contains reference to original meta data. if
i modify the data, i get a new asset.

wouldn't that be all that we need to define from an architecture point
of view? bear with me if i'm too dense again, please...

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