[sldev] Win32 debug problem

Nicholaz Beresford nicholaz at blueflash.cc
Fri Oct 5 04:27:53 PDT 2007

Robin Cornelius wrote:
 > Not sure if you have any ideas on this one, Callum thought it may have
 > been to do with VBO on 64bit, haven't had chance to run a memory
 > profile with VBO turned off as well.

If you want to look at VBO, I'd say do the leak debugging with my
source.  It has LLMOZLIB disabled in the debug configuation by default
and should run with leak debugging right away.   It will (in the current 
versions) even give you a per minute snapshot of memory allocation in
the leaks.log file (top allocators sorted by file and location) together
with a memory heap summmary (you can tweak that in the nbleakdebug.cpp).

It's the best starting point you can get without re-cheking and
re-fixing stuff which I already dealt with.

 From there, there are two things that can happen.

1) either you see the memory growth and leaking on the heap (in the
heap snapshots and leaks at the end of the program).  There you'll
probably be able to identify the point of the source.

2) you don't see them, which means it's happening in the gl-memory
(outside the program heap ... for example texture buffering (memory
shown in ctrl+alt+3 .. or sTotalTextureMemory in llviewerimage.cpp)
is also not showing on the heap), which will most likely be a driver
or opengl issue.

The latter is more likely, I've looked at the leak dumps just
recently, and in my viewer there is only marginal stuff being left
over (as far as I can tell mostly from fmod).


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