[sldev] CAPTCHA to validate land sales.

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Wed Oct 3 09:08:37 PDT 2007

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You will still have land bots.

It's just that instead of an autonomous one, there will be a human
filling out the captchas. Many people with nothing better to do could be
available to fill them 12 hours a day, and the potential payout is more
than worth ocasionally filling out a field.

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Well, that sounds pretty good to me!

As long as there is a human in the mix, it at least gives users a /chance/ 
of competing with them for good land deals. Bot owners have to sleep some 

The idea that bot owners can automatically "rape" SL and normal SL users or 
money by a purely automated process and screw with the land market does not 
sit well with about 99% of the population, and THAT matters a lot.

I think that as long as it really takes a human to intervene in an actual 
sale that was scoured by a bot that that would go a LONG way to making the 
playing field a lot more "fair" for the normal SL user looking to buy land.


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