[sldev] CAPTCHA to validate land sales.

Kent Quirk (Q Linden) q at lindenlab.com
Wed Oct 3 08:06:23 PDT 2007

Dimitrio Lewis wrote:
>> You will still have land bots.
>> It's just that instead of an autonomous one, there will be a human
>> filling out the captchas. Many people with nothing better to do could be
>> available to fill them 12 hours a day, and the potential payout is more
>> than worth ocasionally filling out a field.
> True, although that would probably slow them down to some degree.  
> However, somebody would probably create a bot which could parse the 
> image through captcha busting software without any input required from 
> the owner, which would give that person even more of a monopoly than 
> they had before.  I think the main focus should be on preventing 
> mistakes as much as possible rather than dealing with the aftermath, 
> and there's still work to be done in that regard.
Automated trading is a reality in any electronic marketplace these days, 
from the stock market to eBay. Yes, bots sucked the fun out of eBay for 
me and a lot of other people, just as automated trading spelled the end 
the line for a lot of old-style stockbrokers. We can lament it but there 
isn't much point in trying to hold back the tide. The things to focus on 
are trying to keep things fair and helping people to avoid making mistakes.


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