[sldev] [SVC] Webmap API changed?

Erik Anderson odysseus654 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 07:48:27 PDT 2007

Well, I know that you aren't the only one that has been having these
problems.  Here's someone that appears to have found a workaround for the
information they needed at least (in the comments):


On 10/3/07, Mike Welch <mike at flat222.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know if there's been a change to the Webmap API?
> Suddenly all my maps have stopped working. I think it's related to the
> SLPoint method which now seems to be non-functional.
> Looking at SLUrl.com and the auctions it looks like LL have moved to the
> Google Maps API, but I've not seen an announcement about it and the rest of
> the existing API seems to still work, just not SLPoint().
> Looking at those maps, they don't appear to use SLPoint, is there an
> alternative method for going from (region,localx,localy) to (globalx,
> globaly)?
> Anyone got any clues?
> Thanks
> Mike (Hinkley Baldwin)
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