[sldev] CAPTCHA to validate land sales.

Taran Rampersad cnd at knowprose.com
Wed Oct 3 09:27:12 PDT 2007

Dale Glass wrote:
> I'm sure it will, what I'm asking here, do we really need to defeat
> them?
> Now that it's pretty much impossible to set land for sale accidentally,
> why do we need to stop bots from buying land?

While those who have voice here probably do not see these matters as 
important, the user base does.

Read some of the comments:

93 signatures in about a week.

Bots really aren't the issue as much as bot owners who capitalize on 
mistakes/glitches (yes, glitches, I've seen them firsthand) and poor 
documentation regarding the interface. I even wrote an ebook about it. O.o

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