[sldev] CAPTCHA to validate land sales.

Dale Glass dale at daleglass.net
Wed Oct 3 07:17:43 PDT 2007

On Wed, Oct 03, 2007 at 02:46:01PM +0100, Dimitrio Lewis wrote:
> Unfortunately sale mistakes are quite common.  I don't know the full 
> psychology behind it, but I imagine the causes include confusion, language 
> barrier, sleep deprivation, dyslexia (which we all have to some degree), 
> and an automated mental state caused by the monotony of listing hundreds of 
> parcels of land each week.  It's deceptive.  Some land bots profit a lot 
> from mistakes, and the worst affected by it are usually newbies, the people 
> who need our help the most.  While some land bots are ethical, many are not.

That won't fix it though.

It'll just mean that the bot will have to get the owner to reply to the
captcha. I could set up a bot that'd IM me about bargains in a day or

In fact I stuffed one SL phisher's database with about 100 fake entries
by doing precisely that: I wrote a script that generated random names
and passwords by using a list of names, last names, and pwgen. It used a
captcha, so the script displayed the image to me and I replied.

Captchas make spamming impractical because a single message has very
little value compared to the hassle of getting a human to reply to it.
Land though, has very easily a benefit of more than $5 for each parcel,
and a few seconds for that cash is not bad at all.

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