[sldev] Second Life Proxy Server

Dzonatas dzonatas at dzonux.net
Tue Oct 2 09:33:57 PDT 2007

iseki at solar-system.tuis.ac.jp wrote:
>  Hi. 
>  I made Second Life Proxy program. 


>  3. Full HTTPS access is possible.
>  2. Data cache is not supported.

Please see the wiki page that we created: 

It has the data cache, but it doesn't have full https support. You're 
work would combine nicely with that project to create and complete a 
reverse proxy.

The goal included a way to make it a drop-in solution as much as 
possible for users, like 0-configuration. The HTTPS factor is what made 
it a bit of challenge as it would have to use certificates more 
dynamically than the model Squid provides by itself.

I look forward to see if your software provides a piece to the puzzle. =)

Power to Change the Void

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