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dirk husemann hud at zurich.ibm.com
Tue Oct 2 05:27:57 PDT 2007

Matthew Dowd wrote:
> I'm not clear why this consolidation could not be acheived by having a
> single backend webservice which did the authentication step, and which
> was then fronted by a GUI frontend for the client and a web front end
> for the websites?
IFF i understand sabin (and zero, who was talking about this in recent
weeks off and on), they want to be able to login on the web page and
then --- by some "magic" --- have that login carry over to the viewer...

...which i think will just confuse the heck out of people: "why do i
have to login at the web site to use the application?" --- let alone all
those security issues such as XSS et al.

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