[sldev] Heads up - we're working on CMake

Rob Lanphier robla at lindenlab.com
Fri Nov 30 14:40:30 PST 2007

On 11/30/07 2:07 PM, Mike Monkowski wrote:
> Bryan O'Sullivan wrote:
>> John Hurliman wrote:
>>> Wouldn't it have been faster to attach those files to your reply
>>> e-mail instead of writing the previous sentence then?
>> When I try to share some useful information, I'm not too pleased to
>> get snarky, unhelpful comebacks like this.
>> I'll share what I can on a timeline that suits the pace of the work. 
>> I don't do things faster when I get pissed off with people.
> I guess it wasn't obvious that the answer to the question, "Wouldn't
> it have been faster...?" is "No."
> If I understand this right (and there's a good chance I don't) there
> is one (or more) files in each directory of the build tree, and I
> wouldn't be surprised if they all had the same name, so you wouldn't
> know where to put them.  I'm guessing it would require a hierarchical
> zip file, which takes a little longer to put together than just typing
> a sentence.

It's also the fact that the CMake files are built for use on the code as
it exists in our internal tree.  That means that 1) it may not work on
export, and 2) there's an outside chance that there's confidential
information in there that needs to be stripped.  I'm guessing another
part of the problem is that he doesn't know what he doesn't know
(unknown unknowns).

Bryan, I'm happy to work with you on making the export work when you
have some time to do that.


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