[sldev] Source release for Second Life WindLight First Look

Anders Arnholm Anders at Arnholm.se
Fri Nov 23 13:24:23 PST 2007

On Fri, Nov 23, 2007 at 12:42:34PM -0800, Rob Lanphier wrote:

> Thanks for filing that, and sorry for the hassle.
> The missing llrendertarget.cpp is now checked in:
> http://svn.secondlife.com/trac/linden/browser/branches/2007/windlight12/indra/llrender/llrendertarget.cpp?rev=138
> I imported VWR-3415, and put out the initial query about the GL files. 
> I wouldn't expect anything before early next week, as I'm guessing the
> Windlight developers are enjoying their holiday time off.

Thx, this it the kind of openness we miss about the auth issue.

The auth issue really scares me, because the only what that the
sl-viewer so far have been publicly big fooled is the way that are the
future for all logins. Not I'm sure with a good download in the future,
all logins also can be spoofed and are a danger. No anwer to how the
issue with multiple login will be solved. (only one uri handler so far
in Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari... If you have a solutions, tell us...

Are we going to be forsed early into opensim, i sure hope not...

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