[sldev] [POLICY] Development by consensus (Re: Question regarding upcoming maintenance on 11/27-

Matthew Dowd matthew.dowd at hotmail.co.uk
Fri Nov 23 11:16:08 PST 2007

> I think what's being overlooked here is that Sabin wrote a followup 
> about how the team responded to the concerns expressed on the mailing 
> list.  I notice that it didn't have any replies to it, so maybe people 
> simply didn't see it?  If you read it now, it's clear that the design 
> was changed substantially in response to the concerns expressed here.
> https://lists.secondlife.com/pipermail/sldev/2007-October/006007.html

That post was not replied to directly as people waited to see what would emerge from the meeting at Zero office refered to above (which unfortunately not everyone could make).

After the meeting in at Zeros's, Sabin posted a summary of the in world discussion, and that *did* have a number of responses:


However, there was never any follow up to those, for example my own post about some of the flaws in the view expressed in the in world discussion went unacknowledged:


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