[sldev] Question regarding upcoming maintenance on 11/27-11/28

Joshua Bell josh at lindenlab.com
Wed Nov 21 15:22:28 PST 2007

Patrick O'Shaughnessey wrote:
> Hello,
> The blog entry at 
> http://blog.secondlife.com/2007/11/21/second-life-scheduled-maintenance-nov-2728-2007 
> mentions:
> "The changes are primarily internal, providing infrastructure for new 
> viewer functionality changes coming up in Second Life 1.18.6"
> Do these relate specifically to the new search functionality?  Can 
> someone please outline what changes are being rolled out with this 
> release? 
Here's the scoop on 1.18.6:

* The viewer authentication project discussed by Sabin, Tess and other 
Lindens here is going out as part of the "1.18.6" wave; server 
infrastructure first, followed by viewers (as RCs). Old viewers will 
continue to work, so there is no visible change here until the new 
viewers go out.
* Several bug fixes are in the 1.18.6 code base, including SVC-705, 
VWR-2404 (finally), VWR-2483, SVC-122, VWR-1162, VWR-1627, VWR-1125, 
VWR-250, Linux login screen is HTML again. (As usual, most of the fixes 
are viewer-side; )
* Revamped crash reporting mechanism - lots of back end changes to 
support new reports when the new viewers go out.
* viewer.cpp/h is gone! The core of the viewer is now built on the 
"llapp" conventions we use for binary server components. Most of the 
code has moved to llappviewer.cpp, with additional refactoring when done 
where convenient. (No server components, obviously)

As you can see, while there's a bunch of back-end tweaking to support 
the upcoming viewers, residents won't notice a lot of difference in 
behavior when the servers are updated.

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