[sldev] UDP to TCP/HTTP - performance issues?

Phoenix phoenix at secondlife.com
Wed Nov 14 11:45:33 PST 2007

We currently close connections on the server, but there is active  
development to get that working in eventlet/mulib in a way that is  
compatible with our network infrastructure.

On 2007-11-14, at 10:39, Argent Stonecutter wrote:
> On 14-Nov-2007, at 12:07, Kent Quirk (Q Linden) wrote:
>> I'm not working on this part of our systems so I am commenting  
>> only as an interested observer -- but consider that the growth of  
>> the web has spawned vast quantities of hardware and software that  
>> are specifically designed to solve massive scaling problems. The  
>> tools are better, from editors to monitoring systems. In general,  
>> HTTP-based protocols make a lot of sense because they're well  
>> understood, cacheable, etc.
> HTTP does not require the behavior that I was commenting on.
> One of the tools that was developed to solve massive scaling  
> problems is connection re-use, where multiple requests are made  
> over the same connection, so that the overhead of a single TCP  
> connection is shared by multiple exchanges. Many protocols that  
> otherwise require multiple connections (such as FTP, SMTP, and  
> HTTP) support connection re-use. This is, of course, supported in  
> Another mechanism used in parallel with connection re-use (aka  
> streaming) is parallel connections. Instead of making one TCP  
> connection, you make a small fixed number of TCP connections, and  
> use whichever one is both appropriate and available for each  
> separate exchange. This increases the available bandwidth over high  
> latency connections (to alleviate TCP's small window size) and also  
> mitigates the impact of single lost packets on overall bandwidth.  
> This is also supported in HTTP.
> If the servers at Linden Labs have support for streaming already,  
> this is something that could be tested in the open source client.

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