[sldev] UDP to TCP/HTTP - performance issues?

Argent Stonecutter secret.argent at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 08:15:47 PST 2007

TCP is only more costly than UDP if you don't need reliable delivery  
and event ordering. If you do, it's cheaper to use TCP than to fake  
it in UDP. TCP traffic overhead is on the order of half a dozen  
packets per *session*.

It shouldn't be possible to "overload the network stack" at internet  
speeds on any computer that can run SL at all. We're talking about  
traffic three decimal orders of magnitude below the level where  
people have seen network problems on Vista with "secure audio path"  
running - and that was considered a flaw in the network stack. I  
can't imagine a network stack so badly broken that this would be an  

I would assume that LL implements this with some small number of  
persistent TCP connections and the server uses whichever one doesn't  
return EWOULDBLOCK as the one to assign each new stream of data to.

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