[sldev] ESC exempt from open source and GPL licensing?

Tateru Nino tateru.nino at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 17:39:42 PST 2007

Hands up everyone who has signed and submitted a contributor agreement
and didn't take the time to read it and know this?

Hamncheese wrote:
> Dale,
> I guess what you are saying is that if I submit a patch that was
> accepted by LL in say 1.18.1 and I decide in 1.23.0 that I have (or a
> company that employs me) a commercial interest in extending the work
> that was done before (and accepted) that I can't license the viewer
> commercially? Or are you saying "don't do anything if you have any
> commercial expectations"?
> I guess it doesn't matter to me really what the answer is. I've gotten
> "what I expected" from anything I've submitted.
> Thanks,
> Ham
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Tateru Nino

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