[sldev] ESC exempt from open source and GPL licensing?

Corax corax at ravenscall.net
Sat Nov 10 06:59:12 PST 2007

Tim Shephard wrote:
> On Nov 9, 2007 7:10 PM, Tateru Nino <tateru.nino at gmail.com> wrote:
>> You're only subject to the GPL if the code is licensed to you under the
>> GPL - ESC bought a commercial license from LL.
> Yeah, it's a great business model.  Contribute code and give up all
> your copyrights to LL who then in turn sell your free code for money
> to ESC.
> Its' a great trick if you can do it..
Is this true?  If I contribute code to LL, do I have to give up my 
rights to license it only under the GPL?  If so, then I guess I will not 
be contributing any code to LL, because I will only license on my own 
terms, which is most likely GPL.  I don't want LL or anybody else 
stealing my code to sell it to someone else, and I haven't heard that LL 
was paying people for code they contribute, nor are they paying people 
for all the work done in tracking down and reporting bugs.  Yeah, great 
business model!

SL Corax Homewood

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