[Slrl] [sldev] Browser in Secondlife Viewer

Callum Prentice callum at lindenlab.com
Wed Nov 7 11:10:53 PST 2007

 > Out of interest do you have examples of problem sites and/or other
 > problems with existing LLMozLib that you would not mind sharing or file
 > (p)JIRAs of the issues so that us open source folk can chip away at

I don't have a definitive list but they should be quite easy to track down. Anything that uses a 
drop-down menu widget for example will likely have different issues on different platforms. (It's 
one of the widgets that can extend past the bounds of parent window so it's handled differently). 
Any site where they need to enter a username/password won't work since those dialogs aren't caught 
or implemented (in my version at least). The lack of Flash/Java etc. support will probably lead to 
support calls as well I expect.

As I write down the list of problems, it doesn't seem as dire as I thought :)

 > them. My LLMozLib is a little different to the official one, mainly a
 > much newer GRE so it would be nice to know what problems exist in what mix.

One of the things on my list to do with my current work on LLMedia is to update the embedded browser 
to the ubrowser.com version - I.E. the same GRE that is used in FF 2.0.0.x - is that what you've 
done too? None of the issues mentioned above have changed with this new version though.

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