[sldev] [META] JIRA key stats volunteer?

Baba baba at libsecondlife.org
Wed Nov 7 15:37:37 PST 2007

Don't get down on yourself.  Most of the bug reports that have not been 
imported are pretty bad.  They are vague and not reproducible.  More 
issues should be resolved with "needs more info."

It would be best if there was a custom workflow step to allow issues to 
remain open but indicate they are awaiting more information similar to 
some Atlassian's projects, but that's a bit more involved process.

It would allow a developer or someone else to quickly sort through 
issues that don't contain enough information to be useful. Perhaps 
closing them after 30 days without any updates.

As for the stats, sounds like a quick script could compile all that 
information quite easily.


Rob Lanphier wrote:
> Hi folks,
> As part of an internal conversation, I compiled some statistics that may
> be construed as a little embarrassing for us, but I figured I'll go
> ahead and publish them anyway for reasons I'll discuss in a below.
> Here are the numbers:  for the 7 day period between Oct 24 and Oct 30
> (inclusive), you all have filed 87 issues.  Of those, here's the breakdown:
> * 65 unresolved, not imported (to LL's issue tracker)
> * 8 unresolved, but imported
> * 13 resolved have been resolved as "fixed" or "fixed internally"
> * 1 resolved as "misfiled"
> Additionally, there are a total of 2387 unresolved issues, of which only
> 542 have corresponding issue ids in our internal database.
> We've been holding several weekly bug triages as a way of getting
> through this list, but clearly, that process isn't going fast enough. 
> We're not sure what the right answer is, but I do know that statistics
> such as these can be very persuasive around these parts.
> So, what I'm wondering is this:  would someone be willing to volunteer
> to keep a list of statistics like this up to date?  For people that want
> to see us pay more attention to the issue tracker, this would be a great
> objective measure which would illustrate our progress or lack thereof. 
> From there, we can set goals as a community to improve matters.
> Rob
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