[sldev][forums]An open letter to Philip Linden

rogier at corp.telexs.nl rogier at corp.telexs.nl
Sun Nov 4 13:12:34 PST 2007

I agree too, BBcode is handy for code listing layout.

Corax schreef:
> Jesse Barnett wrote:
>> After all of this time we have not asked for anything back, we do it 
>> so that others can learn scripting, texturing and building. Well 
>> actually there is one thing we have asked and that is for bbcode to 
>> be reenabled and yet the officail linden response is that "Sorry, we 
>> don't have 5 minutes to answer that question."
>> with utter contempt,
>> Jesse Barnett
>> 1,103 posts answering questions
> As a sometimes-frequent forum user, I second this letter.
> SL: Corax Homewood
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