[sldev] i8n and patches

alissa_sabre at yahoo.co.jp alissa_sabre at yahoo.co.jp
Fri Mar 30 06:04:45 PDT 2007

> If we submit a patch that requires new UI copy, what should we do about 
> the various languages?

If I were the submitter, I would include as many language versions as
I can translate and put some note saying which language versions are

I expect that if my patch attracted other developpers' attension,
someone else would write missing language versions.

> Use a machine translation?

No.  Please don't do it.  I don't expect it produces usable result...
Or, you can attach machine-translated version with a clear
indication.  Broken translation might be better than nothing...

> Submit and let LL handle translation?

I believe new UI texts in community submitted patch will be translated
just as those written by Linden developpers.  I don't know how they
are doing it, however.

Note that, at this moment, the translation come with release versions
of the viewer is incomplete.  For example, only a third of the
_Chinese_ UI resource has been translated.  Another third is still in
English, and the other third is in Japanese (for whatever reason...)

BTW, my native tangue is Japanese, and I found that almost 100% (about
95 to 98%?) of Japanse UI resource has been translated to Japanese,
but the quality of the translation is extremely low.  Almost half of
the translation is too cryptic and doesn't make sense...  I'm now
talking with some Japanese speaking residents about the possibility to
translate enteire UI into Japanese from scratch.

I'm not eligible to evaluate other language versions.  How good are
German, French, or Korean versions?

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