[sldev] Optimizing OpenJPEG (oprofile kicks ass)

John Hurliman jhurliman at wsu.edu
Thu Mar 29 12:29:54 PDT 2007

Jason Giglio wrote:
> Stefan Westerfeld wrote:
>>> doing my math right. Christ. So, I'm looking in to making them
>>> dynamically allocated, I don't see slviewer ever using more than 64x64
>>> (33kb!).
> Be careful.  There's two good reasons not to code SL specific 
> optimizations into openjpeg.
> 1.  They won't be accepted upstream.  That means constant 
> merging/backporting. 

If constant in this context means once every 15 months when a new 
version of openjpeg is released, then yes there would be constant 

John Hurliman

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