[sldev] GPLv3 Draft 3 : Re-licensing vs. Sublicensing

Jason Giglio gigstaggart at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 22:05:42 PDT 2007

Dzonatas wrote:
> This is just a notice (not for discussion here) that the a new draft of 
> the GPLv3, "Draft 3," is available.
> It appears there many concerns have been handled about being able to 
> re-license code under the GPL with the new draft. It appears that one 
> does not need to grant copyright permission as one would with the GPLv2 
> in order to re-license. One only has to set up the terms for the ability 
> to sublicense code. Also, it makes it so that other works that usually 
> aren't GPL-compatible (under GPLv2) to be compatible, but it depends on 
> that other work's license terms.

Are you talking about copyrights, or patents?  Because the patent 
changes in the GPL3 have very little to do with copyright.  Your bug is 
also about patents.

You really need to stop mixing these two issues, it is only going to 
cause confusion.

The new draft of the GPLv3 only has an exception for the Affero GPL. 
Section 7b that would have made it compatible with more licenses was 

In other words, it changes the situation very little.


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