[sldev] Reformatting Textures for the cache

John Hurliman jhurliman at wsu.edu
Thu Mar 22 23:54:44 PDT 2007

Tim Shephard wrote:
>> Reading almost 6MB from the disk for every avatar you encounter seems
>> like it would get out of control quickly. I can provide some sample SL
>> texture data in compressed JP2 and uncompressed TGA format if people
>> want to benchmark various compressors against it, let me know.
> Ok john, I'll bite.  Other than upgrading to expensive multi core
> systems (versus 100$ for a 500 GB drive), where do you see performance
> speed ups coming from?

As far as the caching goes I don't know, that's why I'm offering sample 
data so we can do some empirical testing now that a few ideas have been 
thrown out. I'd really like to see how lossless compression on 
decompressed textures works out.

John Hurliman

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