[sldev] Reformatting Textures for the cache

Boroondas Gupte datenmuellabfuhr at nurfuerspam.de
Thu Mar 22 14:10:59 PDT 2007

Jason Giglio schrieb:
> Boroondas Gupte wrote:
>> Morse Dillon wrote:
>>> For the naysayers, this is how production e-mail servers like 
>>> Postfix handle their data.  If one thinks about it, a filesystem is 
>>> practically the very definition of the kind of lookup db needed for 
>>> this cache system.  It would be even better if we had access to a 
>>> filesystem like ReiserFS on Windows and OS X that excels in handling 
>>> piles of small files. 
>> We can't ask Windows users to provide a ReiserFS disk or partition or 
>> alike. So what about a file-system-in-a-file? 
> Congratulations, you just reinvented the crappy VFS system we are 
> working to get rid of.
> -Jason
Oops. I definitely should use wikipedia more often :-/
Somehow I must have imagined VFS to be something completely different. 
(Don't know what exactly, though)

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