[sldev] Reformatting Textures for the cache

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So are you saying that unique new textures wouldn't rez well?  That sounds like hell for artists (content creators) like me.  I'm reading this thread with fascination, and it's already changed the way I handle textures now, for the better.  (And I think that more education that's easier to find, for the non-programmer-content-creators would be a good idea, so we don't do so many dumb things.)  But I think this idea would drive content creation to a more mediocre level, instead of encouraging new and original visual ideas.  

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  Nah, it's a great idea Dzonatas.   We're talking about 4 level cache
  instead of three levels.

  A cache level for rarely seen textures which could be compressed down
  into a very low rez version.    As the textures are seen more, the y
  migrate to a higher cache level, all the way up to uncompressed.

  Good stuff.

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