[sldev] Re: Texture caching, pipeline, memory

Gary Wardell gwardell at gwsystems.co.il
Wed Mar 21 17:56:32 PDT 2007


> But since you bring that up, you better make that 2000, not XP. I've
> avoided downgrading to XP up to now and I've been as happy with 2000
> as with any version of Windows... particularly after reading about
> all the XP annoyances.

Me too, and I've experienced the XP annoyances.  And 2003 annoyances too.  And I'm not impressed with Vista either.

Actually, I plan on straying with 2000 till I can no longer use it, and then I may switch to Linix or MAC.
2000 is fast and stable, at lest for me.  Actually SL is the only thing that crashes on my workstation and I'm doing development
on my workstation all day long!


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