[sldev] New source snapshots - on SVN

Rob Lanphier robla at lindenlab.com
Wed Mar 21 15:26:13 PDT 2007

On 3/21/07 3:02 PM, Christian Westbrook wrote:
> For the record, if rolling this out doesn't fix the problems we're
> facing, can we ask which problems it does solve?  Or pragmatically why
> you've elected to check in the entirety of the viewer source into
> separate branches each time LL decides it's time to drop some code?
Hmm...I guess I left the wrong impression.  I'm planning to publish
snapshots to the branch that they came from.  So, there will be a number
of snapshots on the "release" branch.

An svn repository with snapshots will make modifications and patches
easier to keep track of.  I'm also thinking about letting contributor
agreement signers have access to a branch for checking in patches and
small mods.  We have a "maintenance" branch for these types of things,
that periodically gets merged into release after QA has had a shot at
it, and we could theoretically have a similar public equivalent.  We
could also potentially have branches dedicated to bigger work as well.

The biggest short term goal that I'm trying with a public repository is
a confidence building exercise...making sure that our provider
(wush.net) is going to have the type of uptime and performance that we
need in order to rely on such a beast for production code development. 
Once we work the kinks out of the system (account management, commit
mail, etc), then it'll make a lot more sense to actually think about
live commits to this repository.


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