[sldev] Re: Texture caching, pipeline, memory

Thomas Rowland tom at cornish-pasty.com
Wed Mar 21 07:44:11 PDT 2007

(sorry - a rant)
I cut my teeth on 8-bit micros (most mobile phones are more powerful!).
Nowadays people appear to learn to develop on quad-core systems with 4gb
RAM, 512mb graphic cards, and 300gb hdds.
In some respects it is pointless to re-invent the wheel. My steam locomotive
does look rather silly with alloys though.
I remember when memory was important and a 'readable' data format with each
byte having its own 32 page description in braille, french, swahili, hebrew
and latin was unimportant.

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> > One thing of note is that when SL started, it was mainly 
> accessible to 
> > those who had fast DSL lines. The general public at the time didn't
> > have
> > fast DSL. It wouldn't even support dial-up. However now, I see LL  
> > saying
> > that it needs to support win 98 and computer with only 
> 256Mb.  I just
> > went priced systems last week and a PC with at least 1GB mem,  
> > 3.06Ghz+,
> > 200GB drive, Gforce 7 series, and built-in surround sound can be  
> > had for
> > less than $500. I didn't include the monitor in that and 
> meant to keep
> > it a sepate issue. That's a pretty decent system to have at 
> the price.
> You're forgetting laptops (which tend to be slower AND harder to  
> upgrade), Mac users (a pretty recent Mac mini has a 1.42 GHz 
> PPC with  
> a Radeon 9200 and no upgrade path), international users and users on  
> a fixed budget.
> > Like ZOMG, i see these littel iPod and MP3 players with more GBs of 
> > memory than your typical desktop computer. People are going to
> > start to
> > wonder why!
> Um, no, you don't. Your typical MP3 player has a megabyte of RAM, a  
> 40 MHz RISC CPU, and a few gigabytes of NAND flash that can only be  
> read and written in fixed blocks - basically RAM-disk-only.
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