[sldev] message_template.msg ordering andpacking : attentionLLfolks

Aidan Thornton makosoft at googlemail.com
Sat Mar 17 05:04:48 PDT 2007

> The message template has one big advantage which I fear will be lost ...
> documentation ..., it is not as if there is an overwhelming amount of
> documentation. The message template file is about the only place where it is
> possible to get a decent picuture of the communications protocol, frankly I
> hate the capability system because it is so poorly documented (or at least I
> haven't been able to find any).

I'm not aware of any official documentation, though I've been
documenting some bits on the libsl wiki
(http://www.libsecondlife.org/wiki/Category:Capabilities). It's
somewhat incomplete, though.

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