[sldev] OpenJPEG decoder update

Tofu Linden tofu.linden at lindenlab.com
Fri Mar 16 04:45:40 PDT 2007

Tofu Linden wrote:
> David Fries wrote:
>> The viewer code has a notable lack of comments.  Here is a patch to
>> help that out a little bit.  It also destroys the cio and dinfo
>> structures before checking if an image was returned in getMetadata().
>> That way they aren't destroyed in two different places. 
> Thanks, I'll combine these with the other patch for the QA pass.
> Comments are always good.  I haven't applied the llimagej2coj.h
> change since you also document this interface in the parent class
> definition which hopefully people know to defer to, to save keeping
> two identical interface docs in sync.

This combined with VWR-123 just passed QA and landed on our
internal trunk - it should make it to a source release soon.

Thanks to all involved!

- Tofu

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