[sldev] Group IMs

Thomas Rowland tom at cornish-pasty.com
Tue Mar 13 03:47:18 PDT 2007

So, to be able to prefix the message with ie. 'a symbolic character' that
results in a message that brings up a 'group broadcast received' pop up
notification (like the 'IM received') if group IM is not open.
A 'different colour' could be used to identify it in group IM as a
'broadcast/important to all' message.
Additionally, the off-line members would get an email.
Or something like that.


> So in essence, there is currently no reliable method to communicate
> with all online members of a group.
A workaround (though not a solution) would be to advise your group 
members not to close the groups conversation (the tab). They might still 
close the hole IM window if it gets in their way and (if I remember my 
experiences so far correctly) will be staying in the conversation and 
continue to receive IMs.

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