[sldev] Group IMs

Jonathan Wolk jwolk at lindenlab.com
Mon Mar 12 17:06:35 PDT 2007

    Short version:
    Closing tab means "I don't care for this given conversation"

    Long version:
    I can shed a little bit of light on this......the current behavior 
on agni (which may be buggy but I think it's sort of grown organically 
to be this way) is that you can think of each time you have a group IM 
it is a "conversation".
    If you are starting a new conversation with the group (no one else 
in the group is already in a group IM) then every group member (who is 
online)  receives the message and every group member is "in the 
conversation" so to speak.
    When someone closes their group IM tab, they leave the conversation 
and no longer receive any group IMs for this given conversation 
instance.  If you try to start a new group IM and one is already active, 
you are added to the session although you may be under the false 
assumption that then EVERY group member is in it.  So yeah closing the 
tab stops most (not all*) communication.
    I hope this helps.


*They will receive messages again once everyone has left the previous 
conversation and all the online group members are looked up again.

Bane Darrow wrote:

> Is there a resource or information on how Group IMs are supposed to 
> work? When I send an IM to a group, not everyone gets it. Seems to be 
> if you close a group IM tab, you don't get IMs in the group anymore 
> for a while. I think this makes sense in general, but for a business 
> group, if I need to get an IM to all my staff, and they've closed the 
> tab, they don't hear me now. I could send a notice, but the point of 
> IMing is to talk to the online people, not the whole staff and leaving 
> them emails.
> Am I understanding how it works correctly? Is there a way to make my 
> IMs go through if you've closed the tab? What are the mechanics of 
> when they are blocked or not? Is it simply buggy? Should there be an 
> intermediate form of communication between permanent notices and group 
> IMs? I think a lot of people think closing a tab doesn't stop all new 
> communication.
> Bane Darrow

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