[sldev] Jira bug: After logging in, it looks like it didn't work, when it did

Jesse Nesbitt mindtriggerz at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 15:42:49 PDT 2007

It's an odd JIRA authentication bug, I believe that it stems from the
external Second Life authentication system

On 3/12/07, Dale Glass <dale at daleglass.net> wrote:
> If I follow a link to a Jira bug, the sidebar says "if you were logged
> in...". So I log in. The login dialog returns me to the same page, which
> still says I'm not logged in. But going to jira.secondlife.com, or loading
> another bug report works perfectly fine, it's just the page returned to
> after login that's displayed incorrectly.
> This is very confusing, as it seems to point to that my browser
> (Konqueror)
> is not accepting cookies, when it is.
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