[sldev] AMD Presentation -Right Now-

Soft Noel soft at softnoel.org
Sun Mar 11 13:05:38 PDT 2007

Dually Goalpost asked if I could forward this to SLDev. This event is
starting in just a few moments, but if you're around it could be useful.
It's a re-presentation of a GDC session on software parallelism. It
promises to be interesting.

It's taking place in the AMD Dev Central Auditorium. The Island is AMD Dev
Central, coordinates are 130,51

Voice Link: (866)205-4243 ID #2866906

AMD's Justin Boggs provides an SL encore performance of his recent keynote
address at GDC 2007. The event will include a voice link (info to be
provided later).

Topics include:

-A Closer Look at Parallelism
-The Berkeley View
-AMD Multi-Core & Optimization
-Optimizing for SSE128
-Software Tools

Please join the 'AMD Developer Central' group for announcements and more

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