[sldev] Very experimental installer

Dale Glass dale at daleglass.net
Wed Mar 7 19:04:32 PST 2007

Ok, here's a very initial version of my patched client and installer:

First, you need the switcher app:

Then you need the SL build:

1. Install both
2. Start switcher (icon on desktop)
3. Choose my version,
4. Click start

The first run of the switcher takes longer, as it copies the full SL 
install into its own folder, for the purpose of keeping old versions (like 
firstlook) around in case something is built on them.

This is a very old build (didn't have time to rebuild my windows copy yet), 
and it wants a quite ancient firstlook version.

If it doesn't like the one you have, edit the following key and add 
whatever version you have to it. It should work so long all the required 
files are still there:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Dale Glass\SL Switcher\Third Party\Dale 
Glass\Avatar Scanner\AcceptedBaseVersions

Otherwise, go to the SL website and download the right FL version by 
editing the URL.

I don't have time today to finish everything planned, but I should have 
source for the switcher app (C#), installer, and an updated SL executable 
done tomorrow.

If something goes wrong, post here as much info as possible, and I'll work 
on fixing things tomorrow :-)
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