[sldev] OpenJPEG decoder update

Tofu Linden tofu.linden at lindenlab.com
Tue Mar 6 11:27:23 PST 2007

Tofu Linden wrote:
> Tofu Linden wrote:
>>> The changes that were merged into OpenJPEG require a one line change
>>> to my original Second Life viewer patch in VWR-123.  I've attached
>>> that patch to the bug report already.  I'm going to suggest that now
>>> is a good time to apply the patches in VWR-123 to the viewer source
>>> tree.
>> I'm going to try to get this reviewed and into the viewer source
>> this week.
> A progress report: these all look like good changes.  However!  When
> I enable the parameters.cp_limit_decoding=LIMIT_TO_MAIN_HEADER hint,
> I get a large number of these:
> [ERROR] 00001fb2: expected a marker instead of 8abf
> ERROR -> j2k_to_image: failed to decode image!
> ... and memory fills up very quickly, OOMing the process.
> Without that hint, I've been able to spend a lot of time in
> crowded areas without any mysterious memory bloat.  I'm using
> the official OpenJPEG 1.1.1.
> I'm still looking into it.  If I don't get it diagnosed soon
> I'll at least check in the other fixes.

Hey, I can leave LIMIT_TO_MAIN_HEADER enabled as long as the error
condition returns the pre-patch '1' instead of 'FALSE' - then everything
actually seems pretty groovy, comparatively good decode speed and
no Mystery Bloat.  I'll have a look into why, tomorrow.

- Tofu

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