[sldev] DenyTrustedCircuit?

Joel Riedesel joel at ourstillwaters.org
Tue Mar 6 09:38:24 PST 2007

So I'm trying to write my own client to SL.
My first obstacle is in receiving data about objects in front of my
avatar... but...
My client is based off the semi-dated libsecondlife java port of

I've used SLProxy from libsecondlife to trace the packets between the
normal SL Client and SL.
And I have my own client doing practically the identical sequence of
packets (not exactly but seems close enough for horseshoes).

But at one point I'm receiving a DenyTrustedCircuit packet from SL.
(The SLProxy trace of the main SLClient doesn't see this packet.)

1) Why am I getting this packet?
2) I believe I am supposed to return a CreateTrustedCircuit in response
but what is the Digest element of that packet supposed to be a digest
of? (I'm assuming MD5).

3) Can someone provide a quick description of what some basic expected
packet back and forth is between the SLClient and SL and anything else
I'm probably missing?


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