[sldev] Avatar list progress

Dale Glass dale at daleglass.net
Sun Mar 4 17:38:05 PST 2007

I've been doing some more work on it :-) New features:

* Double clicking an avatar in the list focuses camera on it (this needs 

* Added buttons for prev/next and prev marked/next marked for cycling 
camera between avatars

Camera stuff needs some work still, currently it works the same way 
as "look at last chatter", which is very unhelpful for people far away. 
This will be fixed soon.

* Added some basic TrustNet functionality. For those who haven't heard of 
it, TrustNet is my attempt to provide an alternative to SL ratings. I have 
a page describing how it works. See:


Note that the client patch can't give ratings yet, for that you'll have to 
use the in-world HUD, which is available for free.

If you want to try the in-client functionality, you need the "TrustNet 
Adapter" object, which is available at 

The HUD is available there as well.

* Added the beginning of a generic system to retrieve information about 
people. The idea is that the scanner will automatically issue requests to 
a special avatar or a website for everybody around, and then let you see 
the results. 

This is in very initial stages and not functional, but there is an addition 
in the preferences panel for it.
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