[sldev] compiling the viewer

Charles Krinke cfk at pacbell.net
Fri Jun 8 13:56:55 PDT 2007

I have tried 4 different ways to compile the viewer unsuccesfully and have a few questions about each way. 

First the opensl-pre-win32.sh. I know this script fails per the wiki trying to find windows.h and winsock2.h amongst others. My question is "How do I tell cygwin to search in the "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows Server 2003 R2\Include" directory where Windows.h and Winsock2.h reside. This is more of interest as I suspect one of the other two paths is more fruitful.

Second, on the download from opensecondlife.org with 'svn co svn://opensecondlife.org/opensl/trunk opensl", this one kerchunks with VC# for some time and builds most of the libraries but has trouble with class std:;basic_string symbol resolve.

Third, on the download from wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Source_downloads, I have the three zip files (viewer, libraries & artwork), and this one errors with things like llerror.cpp:177 Cannot convert U16* to LPCWSTR". I suspect this may be an include issue in my setting up the pre-requisites.

Fourth, in Linux, I have followed the http://opensecondlife.org/User:Opensource_Obscure/Building_Linux_Viewer recipe and get quite aways but error out with things like gdk-pixbuf/gdk-pixbuf-core.h:169 having trouble with "expected initializer before G_GNUC_NULL_TERMINATED and G_GNUC_MALLOC. Again, I suspect some setup or include issue.

A suggestion or four would be greatly appreciated.

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