[sldev] Contributing code you didn't write (Re: QueryPerformanceCounter() & related issues VWR-940, VWR-962, VWR975)

Rob Lanphier robla at lindenlab.com
Sun Jun 3 15:36:28 PDT 2007

On 6/2/07 9:43 AM, Paul TBBle Hampson wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 02, 2007 at 04:44:34AM -0700, Dzonatas wrote:
>> It has a governmental address, which it is common to assume public
>> domain. They are pretty simple.
> Assuming something in copyright isn't exactly iron-clad.

That is a severe understatement.

Do NOT copy code from outside sources and include it in a patch.  If,
for whatever reason, you think it'd be good for Linden Lab to pull in
code from someone that doesn't have a contributor agreement on file,
please note that in the appropriate context.  For example, put in a JIRA
comment where a patch would go: "there's code from X that addresses this
issue (link).  Please approve this for inclusion, and I'll work it into
a patch.".  Assuming someone from Linden Lab actually gives the go
ahead, please make sure it is extremely clear from looking at the code
who the copyright holder is, and /exactly/ which parts are from the
third party and where they came from.  It should not be necessary to
sift through a thread on sldev to find out the real author of a piece of
source code.

Is there code in a patch on JIRA that was copied from outside sources
without clear markings for where the code came from?  If there is,
please remove it immediately.

Almost every software license out there (including MIT and BSD) have
minimal requirements for acknowledgment.   Even in the rare case where
someone has signed their code into the public domain, or is truly the
work of the U.S. Federal Government, copying without explicit and proper
acknowledgment of the source or prior agreement with the author is
plagiarism, and is widely considered to be bad form.

Please be very careful about this.  Mistakes in this area can be very


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