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Zack Geers kunnis at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 17:11:37 PST 2007

I think it's LL that needs to make decisions on where privacy is going.
Neither of our sides are wrong in that respect.  You're right that you can't
obtain perfect security, but you can reduce your exposure, to diffrent
degress of sucesses.  I can protect myself from everything on the internet
by simply disconnecting my ethernet cable.  Anything less then that is a
matter of degree.  What degree we should give users is a question.

Just because we can't provide them perfect security, or even reasonable
security doesn't mean that it shouldn't be attempted.  Though I do agree it
does provide a false sense of security.  We've got to decide which side of
the field we should be on.  It's more of what LL wants to do, because if
they don't like the idea, they won't apply it to the client, and it'll never
get in the hands of most people.

As for the ideas of P2P, there are lots of people with firewalls, so the
best value of it won't be there, and LL will have to deal with getting
people's inbound ports open, which is always a nighmare.  Yes, you only have
to go in and change a few settings... but it's always a PITA.  The problem
with P2P is that it deals well with large files, such as iso images of *nix
operating systems.  It's perfect for that because you're talking about
spending a min of 30 mins usually, so the 1 or 2 mins it takes to connect to
everyone and get going isn't a problem, because once you connect everyone is
hunting for the same thing.  The problem of P2P SL is that not everyone
wants the same content.  I want the sim I'm in, so I'll have to reconnect to
a whole new group of people whenever I teleport, otherwise the odds of me
being in a cluster (by cluster I mean people I know I can establish a
connection with, and I can't always try to connect to everyone, everywhere
on SL, I have to make a choice of who I'm going to connect to, and it's
limited to 50-100 people) with people that have the textures I want are
going to be very low, so it'll take several mins to get the textures I need
when I first enter, which I think would be the worst offender.  OTOH, it'd
be great for malls because usually I walk around one of those, I stay there
for a while so I'll have time to get connected to peers that have what I
want, and there's always a lot of textures.

I think what might be better is for LL to split up their texture load by
setting up a series of proxies that mirror their main server.  This will be
a lot easier once they switch to downloads over HTTP.  Most textures I see
have been there for 24+ hours, more then enough time to replicate out.
The client could attempt to connect to diffrent proxies, and see which ones
it gets the best conectivity to.

I don't think proxying is the correct solution, it's too confusing for users
and loads all the expectiations on them.  I can do it easily, but try
explaing how to do that to someone like my mom.

I agree with the idea of moving to the wiki.  I'd like to hear what some of
the designers think about the diffrent issues.


On 1/25/07, Jesse Nesbitt <mindtriggerz at gmail.com> wrote:
> I agree. Give the ability to proxy and turn off dynamic textures and
> users can do whatever the heck they want with it. The user should be
> responsible for his or her own security. Of course, we shouldn't
> thrust them into harm's way, but I don't think we're doing that.
> On 1/25/07, Brian McGroarty <brianmost at gmail.com> wrote:
> > On 1/25/07, Zack Geers <kunnis at gmail.com> wrote:
> > >
> > > There is a certin amount of Privacy that users expect.  We shouldn't
> do
> > > anything that moves away from their current set of expectiatons.  IP's
> don't
> > > matter, it's the associations between accounts that do.  I feel we
> should
> > > start this conversation by actually figuring out what our requirements
> are.
> >
> > Adding the option to use a web proxy for only non-SL traffic would be
> > beneficial here. People who wish to protect their identities from
> > other than LL could then use anonymizing proxy services. If media
> > streaming http connections are included by the proxying, it would be a
> > positive step from where SL is now.
> >
> > LL could well offer a proxy service themselves if there's a desire to
> > concentrate users on a few IPs to keep things opaque.
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