[sldev] Version control repository

John Hurliman jhurliman at wsu.edu
Fri Jan 12 18:19:50 PST 2007

Rob Lanphier wrote:
> So, I'd like to make a decision by Wednesday of next week, getting a
> better spec in place on the wiki, getting these two questions answered
> by then:
> 1.  Is that plan of record useful enough to satisfy the vague appetite
> for version control, or is that not enough to be worth it?
> 2.  If you believe that an official Linden Lab source repository needs
> to be more ambitious, are you willing to wait longer to get that result?

I don't understand what the difference between putting tarballs on the 
website and putting source dumps in svn is, other than having a better 
view of code history. If the public repository was more closely synced 
with the internal Linden repo that would be interesting, but probably 
not feasible for a while until a better system of handling community 
patches is in place. So I'm voting for method #2 tentatively... but with 
the stated timeframe I'm also leaving the possibility open that 
opensecondlife.org will have a really solid Mercurial or other 
distributed version control workflow going on by then, in which case I 
would like to see LL adopt whatever works best for everyone.

John Hurliman

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