[sldev] Blurry avatar on own build

Mark Wagner carnildo at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 10:21:32 PST 2007

On 1/12/07, Björn Keil <abgrund at silberdrache.net> wrote:
> Since the KDU libraries are are provided as is I cannot modify them, but
> I wish I knew from where that call came... The solution seems simple,
> one have to use the library in resilient mode. Basically the KDU library
> is complaining that something that I don't understand about an image
> stream is not quite according to the standard and therefore refuses to
> process the image, even though it could. It shouldn't be too difficult
> to fix that...
> I can only guess that a little playing around with llimagj2c.cpp,
> especially the openDSO() method may help...

There are two libraries involved: libkdu_v42R.so is the closed-source
Kadaku library that does JPEG-2000 decoding.  libllkdu.so is the
Linden Labs wrapper that interfaces between that and llimagej2c.cpp.
libllkdu.so is the one you'd need to change to put the library in
resilient mode, and I suspect the reason it's closed-source is that it
contains the license key for using Kadaku.

You're probably better off modifying the OpenJPEG library to be fast
enough for practical use.  I haven't managed more than about a 5%
speedup, but I haven't been trying too hard, either.

Carnildo Greenacre

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