[sldev] Missing glu.h - Compile failure on Ubuntu 6.10

Stef Wade Stef.Wade at stots.de
Wed Jan 10 11:28:49 PST 2007

signore at autistiche.org schrieb:
> hi stefan and all.

Thanks Signore,

I had to downgrade libglu1-mesa [6.5.1+cvs20060824 to 

Don't ask me how the cvs-version came onto my system. Might have been a 
leftover from Glx-experimentation :)

Aptitude did it for me.

Next was the "missing" gtk.h problem, which I solved according to 

Next came "sh: yacc not found"
So I installed yacc, (package "bison")

Next came "sh: lex not found" - what a surprise :)
So I installed lex, (package "flex")

There were multiple warnings, I pasted one of each "type" I found:

warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions

warning: enumeration value `VAR_TYPE_VEC2' not handled in switch

warning: no newline at end of file

In constructor `LLPanelGroup::LLPanelGroup(const std::string&, const 
std::string&, const LLUUID&, const std::string&)':
warning: `LLPanelGroup::mForceClose' will be initialized after
warning:   `BOOL LLPanelGroup::mIgnoreTransition'
warning:   when initialized here

The whole compile was pretty much clean of warnings, so I thought I'd 
mention the few that appear. There may have been more which I did not 
see. (Yes, i have other things to do than watch the compiler... :)

And then, FINALLY:
"scons: done building targets."

That took longer than compiling the kernel on my old 486DX33!

Thanks a lot,


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