[sldev] Re: OS-SL Development Issues (was Upcoming viewer releases)

Argent Stonecutter secret.argent at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 08:29:02 PDT 2007

On 29-Aug-2007, at 06:34, Dale Glass wrote:
>> 2. There's no log or history.

> There isn't? IMs can be logged if you enable it.

Only when you're actually online. It's not like personal IMs - it  
doesn't roll into email. "That should be fixed as well." See below.

>> In the IM box, for group IMs, we need a checkbox "listen for group
>> IMs" that you can turn *off*.
>> We need "send group IMs to email", per group... and that needs to be
>> sent as a *digest*. Possibly this needs to be enabled per group.
>> We need "IM only" groups that don't count against our 25 groups
>> because they have no assets associated with them. Or perhaps, we need
>> to set a group membership to "IM only"... if a group's set that way
>> it's not checked for assets or permissions and doesn't count as one
>> of the 25 groups.
>> Both these groups and regular groups also need a "group home
>> location" and a "TP to group home" button, to let people go from "IM"
>> to in-world chat.

> So what have you been waiting for to say this? :-)

I've said all this before.

Also, we need a web interface to IM, group or not. Last time I  
brought this up they said they were going to switch to Jabber for IM,  
but I guess that got shoved down the BLOTTD.

> I mean, SL *could* do all this. I think that it's fundamentally  
> wrong to
> move things outside SL when SL could conceivably handle them  
> correctly.
> SL is what needs to be fixed.

I said that, too. :)

But *right now* what we have in SL groups isn't usable for this kind  
of collaboration. Mailing lists are. SL is good for virtual face to  
face, but it's not for discussions like this, and I'm not sure that  
even with all of the above it should be.

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