[sldev] Upcoming viewer releases?

Nicholaz Beresford nicholaz at blueflash.cc
Tue Aug 28 11:04:00 PDT 2007

> I know I would have the time and money if I was never married with 
> children. With no kids or spouse, I could work at McD's and support 
> myself while I do tons of work on SL. I do have kids to support, so it 
> isn't that easy. European nations seem to be making more progress with 
> fair child support or at least allow their citizens more freedom to work 
> how they need in order to support their kids.

I sure know if I had kids or a less accepting girlfriend I wouldn't have
been able to do that either.  It's probably one of those decisions one
makes at some point in life without knowing the outcome.

> I hate it. I'm better off dead but I got kids to support and maybe a 
 > chance to enjoy time with them sometime.

Well, don't measure your value on what LL does (or does not), be it
contract, hiring, bug fixing or patch importing ... it's going to
backfire sooner or later.  They are operating in a reality bubble that
is almost impenetrable for an outsider.  Someone recently (I don't
remember there and am quoting from memory) called it their "black box
mode which drives people nuts".  You're certainly not alone there ...
many residents feel it, I felt it ... I just learned to mostly adjust
to it (which I admit is a lot easier since my living doesn't depend on
any outcome I expect from them).

> Oh ya, your right... I should just simple let everybody say that I'm 
> dead wrong about everything.

I didn't say that (you are wrong about everyting).  In fact just a moment
ago I was just reading your post about the Linden way of Open Source and
was nodding to myself through most of it.

I think you're wrong about the bit about the award.  I agree that Strife
has done exceptional work and I would not want to be the independent
jury to choose between my work and Strife's.  I don't agree with some
of your choices in technical terms (but that happens with mostly anybody),
and yes, I do agree that Linden Open Sourcing is a lot different from what
is usually understood when that term is used.

I'm not saying this (their way) is wrong.  It's their product, their
platform and paying their food and rent.  But personally, since I've
read most (if not all) your posts here, I'd say that judging your own
value by (or betting your financial future on) what LL does, will cause
you a lot of grief.  And you know that deep inside, because you burned
the bridges already.


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