[sldev] Improving the avatar in SL: hair...

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Have seen people "fake" this effect in SL several times.

It looks.. interesting. Sometimes good, but a little odd as you move around.
Though most people only use maybe... 6-10 layers at most. the 60 looks
pretty nice! One problem in SL is that the alpha sorting problem ruins it a

I wonder if the use of the shader would affect that or not? Since it would
be generating a transparent texture on several nested surfaces right? The
shader needs something to shade... Being a seal in SL, I can imagine (and
kind of shudder to think) of someone putting 60 layers of fur over every
prim on their av :to fur their entire body... Having seen how people are
putting over 100 floppies on an single av (along with 2-3 prims lights,

Would be fun to play with though :)


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> This looks like a remarkably simple algorithm. This implementation is  in 
> DirectX code, but it should be possible to implement as an OpenGL  shader 
> that could be applied to the hair layer on avatars and improve  the 
> standard avatar hair. Even if it adds overhead if it reduces the  number 
> of twisted toruses in SL it would probably be a net  performance win.
> http://www.xbdev.net/directx3dx/specialX/Fur/index.php
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