[sldev] VWR-2036: Patch for consideration in the main client

SL - Farallon Greyskin sl at phoca.com
Mon Aug 6 22:17:56 PDT 2007

Thanks Rob for the heads up on the triage tomorrow, I've added this issue to the list

However, Torley pointed out that LL has internally fixed an issue (VWR-819) which is in exactly the same code as my patch and probably makes my patch incompatible with the current internal code base. Initially Torley closed 2039 as a dup but 819 is a separate issue, I reopened it.. 

I uploaded a combo patch to take care of issue 819 and 2036 at the same time (819, the persistence of the "more" button on the build tools floater, was something something I was going to do anyway but thought it secondary and didn't want to "combo" a patch) But since LL has already closed 819 I'm hoping that someone will look at my combo patch and maybe work in the fix for 2036 as well for the next client release that 819 makes it into. They really should go together, assuming that the position persistence was not also fixed as a matter of course in the fixing of 819 already :)

Nicholas: If you want to try to test this for me while I'm asleep tonight :D I'll be at the triage Tuesday at 10am PDT. I can make any fixes necessary before then...

Thanks :)

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  I have posted a patch for a simple but annoying "feature" of the UI that has been in the client for.. ever?

  This patch fixes the long standing problem that the tools floater window is not persistent in it's position. I created the following Jira entry for it:


  The patch is already included. I would love to see this patch make it into the main client as it is an annoying UI inconsistency that has been there forever. There are other persistances I would like to add such as the state of the more button and the tool selection but those are "nice to haves" this bug is a real annoyance and a UI inconsistency (The edit window being the ONLY window that doesn't remember it's position)

  Thank you for looking.



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