[sldev] Improving VS2005 builds -- what's needed?

Matt Kimmel mattk at electricsheepcompany.com
Thu Aug 2 15:43:31 PDT 2007

Hi Soft,

A great starting place is VWR-1151; that JIRA issue contains VS2005
project files that Nicholaz and I have put together for recent releases,
as well as some good notes about problems we (and others) have
encountered.  That might provide the basis for the inclusion of updated
VS2005 project files in the open source viewer, at least.

Others may chime in with their experiences, but most of the issues I've
encountered in using VS2005 builds have to do with subtle differences
between VS2003 and VS2005's STL implementations.  I wrote up some notes
on a big one in VWR-1151.

With that said, I've had pretty good luck running my own homegrown
VS2005 builds, using the fixed project files in that JIRA issue.  I'd be
curious to hear other VS2005 users' thoughts.


Soft Linden wrote:
> Dzonatas Sol brought up that VS2005 builds are unusuable during
> today's open source office hours. What's the scope of the breakage?
>>From comments, it sounded like there was more than just missing files
> in the project.
> While we're continuing to use VS2003 internally owing to using a
> monolithic solution file that includes old VS2003 library
> dependencies, I we can't commit to having someone building and running
> QA on 2005 yet. Still, is there anything we can do/include to simplify
> things if there are other manual repair and update steps you're
> taking? It would be great if updates were as simple as pulling down a
> community-updated VS2005 project file from a pJIRA.
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